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aav7a1.jpg (46060 bytes) AAVP7A1 "P9" emerging from the surf.  According to SSgt Daniel "FAT-AT" Attilio,   the crew chief at the time of the photo, the helmets are painted red/orange to identify the Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch unit.  This AAV, Serial #522525,  is labeled "LOWRIDER", and is now back in the Fleet Marine Force. 


see below for more photos provided by SSgt. Attilio

ramair.jpg (9229 bytes) POP4 (proof of production) catching air
splash.jpg (5317 bytes) splashing off ship
feetwet.jpg (7860 bytes) splashing off ship
defilade.jpg (11396 bytes) aavp7a1 under natural camoflage
support.jpg (4752 bytes) vacationing at 29 Palms

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