Bay Area Tankers - Battleday '98

Battle field setup includes building a 1:16 scale diorama, complete with hundreds of feet of CO2 lines for simulated explosions

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  Many models, from 1:16 to 1:6 scale were on display

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Radar-scattering camo netting provided relief from the sweltering sun

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    A kit-bashed U.S. halftrack cruised around before the battle

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Finally, the battle.  The Shermans waited until 2pm before heading out of camp toward the enemy

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The King Tigers counter-attack, but a crazed King Tiger driver winds up in the ditch.

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I did'nt catch an explosion on film, so I'll recycle a 1996 explosion:

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Jerry at the controls of one of his 1:10 scale gas-powered tanks

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